Sadam's response...

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    If Sadam's public relations ploy fails to deter America from invading Iraq, there is one final (radical) alternative...

    Sadam could send an open letter to George.w.Bush (& make it available to all the worlds media) stating the following:

    " We, the independent soverign nation of Iraq publically acknowledge that we like many other soverign states have acquired both biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction capabilities.

    " We have no intentions of using these weapons in the future under current circumstances. They are solely a defense mechanism.

    "If however, in the future the well being of the people of Iraq, the government of Iraq, or the soverignty of Iraq is threatened in any way, we will not hesitate from using our weapons of mass destruction against those that pose the threat.

    "We have the capabilities to inflict immense damage on those that provoke us.

    "Our message to the world, and America specifically is simple:

    "Provoke us in any way in future, and you will jepodise the safety of your own people."

    The USA could respond in three ways:

    1. Nuke the whole of the Middle East (a radical option)
    2. Call Sadam's threat a bluff and still invade Iraq (this would be risky incase Sadam acts on his words)
    3. Withdraw threats of war.

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