Sad Muslim tale - Australia is at fault - Rabbitoh

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    Here is one right up your alley.

    I just heard that the families of the perpetrators of the Lebo Rapes are taking Howard, that is the Federal Government to the World Court in The Hague.

    And here is the logic of it all, that I’m sure you will readily appreciate and understand.

    The basis of their class action is that the Government is in fact, the guilty party. Their argument is that the Government of the day voted for the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine, thereby creating the State of Israel.

    This forced the Arabs to attack, and unbeknown to them, the Jews dared to win. The Jews were expected to take this on the chinor better still, lying down, as they had been for the past 2,000 years. The Arabs knew their history. They knew about the Spanish Inquisition, the expulsions from England, the Pogroms and the Holocaust. They thought the Jews would meekly surrender, but typically the Jews played unfairly. They fought back and had the audacity to win! Dirty Zionist trickery!

    But the ringleader’s family additionally charge that had that not occurred, the PLO would ultimately not been established and that they were not in a position at the time to anticipate that King Hussein of Jordan would kick Arafat out, that is after killing 30,000 of his cronies who like the rest of the Jordanians, were Palestinian.

    Arafat, who should have sailed of into the sunset, instead went to Lebanon which soon after erupted into civil war and when enough trouble was caused by him and his bunch of goons, he was promptly booted out again by that arrogant little upstart Jewish country, Israel.

    So, Mustafa and his motley crew decided that the safest country to immigrate to was, Australia. The Australians were a good bunch who took refugees in, no matter that they brought their problems with them and sure enough, arrived on our innocent shores. They didn’t realize that the best way to blend in was to have a pie with dripping tomato sauce, hang out at the footy and that way they would blend in without anyone noticing.

    But the sorry story goes on. The poor souls were subjected to Australian hospitality which included access to porno videos which made them lust after Australian girls. Sure they could have had 72 virgins in an after life, but they couldn’t wait. They wanted the virgins here and now. It didn’t really matter whether the young girls were virgins or not, they felt that as they had graced our shores we in turn owed them something.

    The rest of the story is well known.

    However, so their logic follows, had Australia not voted in favour of the partition plan in 1948, none of the above would have occurred.

    Hence, the legal action is to commence with the entire support of the Muslim bloc on nations.

    Poor Johnny Howard. He cops the blame for everything.

    Always in the right place at the wrong time.
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