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    Israel has my utmost respect and deserves better.To be prepared to stand for what you believe to this extent, is exemplary.He is a modern day martyr latest of many in the past and more to come.The Bibles book of Revelations describes in somewhat challenging terms, the ultimate victory of good over evil, but it gets worse before it gets better.https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation%201&version=MSG

    The bible has been around for 2k years and people in authority still haven't learned the metaphorical lessons In this instance the Rubgy executive are the Sanhedrin and Israel is the outspoken moral crusader about to get nailed to the cross. Enough of these decisions will eventually result in a fans revolt of being denied the right to see the best of a sport because of players personal superstitions and other afflictions.

    The hypocrisy of a corporation to decide and enforce the acceptable morality of it's employees is extraordinary, considering they operate in an environment that was predicated on Judeo Christian ethical foundation. It is they who are biting the hand that fed them and for their sakes I'm guessing they are hoping there is no heaven with a gate keeping St Peter enthusiastically ready to send them to hell.wink.png

    I know I'm sick of everything being woke run and populated by second best because tribalism, sexuality, pinky bits, skin colour and genetics are more important than talent and skillsets.

    (JK) Spending huge amounts of money on divisive relationship plebiscites should have focused on consensus for e.g. climate change national policy, not on normalising men putting their whangers into same sex cloaca valves and women doing whatever than can to each other. We need to get real about deporting Wokes as a priority before they breed us out. biggrin.png

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