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    I like the look of this article:

    THE South Australian government will become carbon neutral in all its operations by 2020, State Premier Mike Rann announced today.

    Opening the third international Solar Cities Congress, Mr Rann outlined a timetable to offset all the greenhouse gas emissions produced by government activities.

    "This government is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the state," he said.

    "By ramping up its purchase of green power, the government will encourage demand for renewable energy which should lead to greater installation of sustainable energy generators.

    "We hope that our determination to reduce our carbon footprint will, in turn, inspire and encourage industries and other governments to follow our lead, thereby increasing demand for green energy.

    "In other words, from little things, big things grow.''

    The State Government's timetable included a provision to offset 30 per cent of the government's greenhouse gas emissions by 2010 by purchasing green energy, or energy produced from renewable resources and through other carbon credits.

    By 2014 that would need to rise to 50 per cent and by 2020 the government must be carbon neutral.

    Mr Rann said the government's commitment to buying carbon offsets would also act as a catalyst for the early development of a carbon offsets industry in South Australia.

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