s&p, an elliott wave perspective.

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    EWP on the S&P 500 index 23 February 2003
    by Zoran Gayer
    23 February 2003 10:47 UTC

    Attached is pdf file.


    Attachment: S&P-500-index-Elliott-Wave-short-term-view-23 Feb-2003.pdf
    Description: Adobe PDF document

    [The conclusions in the PDF file inlcude the following: "The conclusion is that
    the S&P will sell off on Monday from open. If it does, it will be with
    increasing momentum. There is a less likely possibility that on open it will
    raise to 857, where the fifth wave equals wave one, and then sell off. Price
    acceptance above 857 will suggests that the short-term view is wrong." ]

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