XLD 4.58% 910.80 s&p/asx 200 2 x daily leverage index

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    Yes, I should think so Jako.

    Copper is in real trouble - I don't read news much and certainly don't read analyst reports, so I've no idea what they are saying.  I did notice one hearted poster saying the bottom was in LOL.

    Here's a daily with the current support, red lines indicate the weekly S/R box.
    HG 6 April 2016.PNG

    Now if we look at the volume on price late last year there was obviously some buying going on:
    HG Vol on price 6 April 2016.PNG

    However, if we fast forward to March this year -  it gives the appearance of being offloaded.  I think it is about to break below that box. HG Vol on price 2 6 April 2016.PNG
    Copper Hourly 7 April 2016.PNG

    I think the current target is around 1.80, but still think 1.50 is coming unless something big changes that.
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