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    XJO chart with some simple Action/Reaction lines and a couple of forks:

    XJO 6 April 2016.png

    Until there is something that indicates a change I expect this to carry on its merry way.


    XAUUSD 5 April 2016.png

    I notice a couple of the blue AR lines are slightly displaced.  This can happen at times when the weekly lines such as these are displayed on the daily chart.  For all intents and purposes, the lines are fine.

    There is also a set (not shown) that I drew up recently on a two day chart that is flushing it ATM.  Might post them another time.

    I suspect that today's price action on the hourly gold chart is another false break with the real action to come in a few hours time.

    Also notice that copper after hanging on by the skin if its teeth last night, has put in a very rounded looking lower shoulder on the hourly chart and is now pumping out inside bars - looks like tonight is the night.
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