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russian activity

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    Thanks for the welcome back guys. I do appreciate it.

    Must admit, It was weird to see people cutting loose (stopped out?) the other day at 0.8c with so much on the cusp of fruition. Fantastic bargains for the savvy long termers (and others) who picked them up. Very nice buying indeed!

    I have been doing a bit of research on my 'holiday'.

    One thing I picked up was the activity in Russia. Very interesting article from a few days ago (link below) showing that the school/uni student testing debate is well under way - and with a pilot occuring in at least one State (don't know the device).

    Plenty of opposition to testing - but the article definitely suggests that the pro-test lobby is building in strength (just as it is in Mexico - and Hong Kong - as confirmed by Sputnick and Bung's posts the other day).

    I would think that Medinat is working around the clock to secure some of this market. Should hear of progress soon.
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