Rich coming from you.There was nothing on my feed at that time,...

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    Rich coming from you.

    There was nothing on my feed at that time, what should I do, invent stuff like the pro Kremlin crowd does?

    Any evidence of any POWs on that Russian Il-76 that was shot down? Still nothing, but you have "Russia claims" and that is all you need for the "truth".

    You want to try and imply that the Bilhorod apartment that Russia destroyed the other day was Ukraine's fault? You tried, as you do to blame any Russian war crime on Ukraine.

    Pushing fake war crimes and obvious fake propaganda all thw while ignoring the real war crimes by the fascist Russian dictator all in your loyal, unwavering devotion to the fascist Russian dictator responsible for the murder of 27 Australians in support of his mission to rape, murder and genocide an entire nation of people.

    Have an honest think about that.
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