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    They like to ignore their narrative when pressed to actually prove it. Beyond the Kremlin "coup" lie slogan, they have no actual details of what to say, no actual knowledge of the events that took place, no actual evidence to support their Kremlin "coup" lie, depending on who they blame for it, changes constantly.

    Pro Kremlin pro war "peacenik": "it was a CIA coup!"

    Intelligent person: "How?"

    Pro Kremlin pro war "peacenik": "Ukraine voted illegally!"

    Intelligent person: "But that isn't the CIA then?"

    Pro Kremlin pro war "peacenik": "It was a CIA coup! Nato expansion! Donbas shelling!"

    Intelligent person: "How does that prove a CIA coup?"

    Pro Kremlin pro war "peacenik": "It was a CIA coup!"

    That about sums up every single exchange.
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