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    You should have a good look at the mirror before spraying garbage early in the morning. Ukraine has not gone to war but is defending itself. You fascist war-mongering idiots cannot even workout the invader that murder, rape and destroy another country with the arsenal built over decades.

    Your fascist master sending Russian ethnics , women , and even disabled as meat waves to the front just to stay in power. Sending hapless inmates to certain death and force the immigrants to fight pointing the gun to the head. If you fascists stick to your border, war will end and no one will suffer or die. But you blood thirsty mongrels want misery and destruction, you thrive on other's suffering. You are a disgusting lot blaming others when you cannot destroy them. 630 day of the fascist dictator's 3 day war, condemned as a war criminal by ICC, hiding in a bunker unable to face the world and you shills worship him.

    Shame on you!
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