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    The framework of a potential Ukraine-Russian war settlement.

    (a) Ukraine's objective of removing Russia from all Pre 2014 Ukrainian territory

    (b) Russia's intent of capturing another 4 Ukrainian Oblasts :

    in addition to the 4 Oblasts already occupied/partially occupied:

    (IMO Russia won't give up the Crimea and the international community,
    particularly NATO, has recognised that by not supporting the Ukraine
    Military to take it back 2014-2022.)

    The current battle is focuses on the northern borders of:


    Since June this has been essentially a stalemate
    with very limited gains/losses on both sides.

    The big question is: will a protracted war benefit the Ukraine or Russia can't benefit

    Conventional warfare , like sport or poker, is a learn as you go enterprise
    IMO and that not only applies to battlefield tactics but also the manufacturing
    and provision of weapons and supporting tech services.

    What are the opinions on how/when this war will end and what the
    geography of the region will look like after that?

    IMO it won't be the same as pre-2014.

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