Russell says rally has legs

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    Clipped form Russell's report....

    McClellan Oscillator fooled me -- jumped 44 to close at 144. This means that this rally has legs -- meaning that it should go further.

    CONCLUSION -- I said it all above, but again I'll repeat -- the frantic Fed has taken a stand -- no deflation. The idea now is to get inflation going without it showing. How do you do that? You monetize like all get-out and keep gold from hinting at what you're doing. Can they pull that off? Who knows, they seem to be doing it so far.

    Up your holdings of DIAs by 50%, keep close stops under your position, and go with the flow. You're rolling with the hedge funds and the traders now -- while the punch-drunk retail public is sitting on its hands, wondering what's in God's name is going on.

    Is this a great business or what?

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