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running out of steam

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    At one stage they used to make promises about what was to happen in the future. Now reports revolve around MF pulling the pin, a pending court case and other useless information.

    Who in the hell is negotiating the offtakes. What a pathetic attempt that has been for the last 2 years.

    Now "they" whoever they might be, have run out of steam like the shareprice. Pathetic comments on airconditioned huts and administration procedures. Why administration procedures - theres nothing to administer.

    Production in 10 months and not a comment on the mine progress apart from the fact that the decline filled up with water and they have run out of buckets to empty it.

    How in the hell are the current group going to have a zinc mine operating in 10 months.

    Maybe it would be better to turn it into a water catchment area for the locals. That way they could demonstrate they were skilful at something.

    Get real AIM.
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