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    Bonsoy_Bandit states:

    "until now I had never scrolled through twitter as I'm not a big user of it. Talk about hunting down AVZ....."

    The greater the number of anti-AVZ twits in the twittersphere the more threatening our resource is, and therefore this is a big buy signal for me!.......I mean, excluding the motivations of accumulators/shorters why would you bother wasting your time posting manic negative postings on a stock you do not own unless you were sheet scared of how AVZ may affect your own stock. AVZ has the potential to be the world's largest lithium resource with the lowest production cost!

    AVZ or its owners have the potential to control lithium pricing and supply, which is sending shivers down the spine of our competitors!

    The two most important metals in new technology are LITHIUM & TIN!


    Who has lithium and tin in abundance?



    WIN! WIN!



    Ask yourself this, in one to two months time when we have our initial JORC, which will potentially show AVZ to be the biggest lithium resource of high grade by multiples, would you like to be standing on the sidelines.

    Here are some realistic scenarios:

    CATL makes there move: IPO in June JV? TO? Offtake

    BNBT(MOU), whose chairman and due diligence team have visited Manono have spoken to AVZ management regarding "working together to accelerate the development and production of the Manono Lithium Project." JV?TO? Offtake

    Tianci and Greatpower at present have MOU'S with AVZ, ditto scenarios as above.

    By the way as the plethora of results come through as we have now 4 drill rigs on site and soon to be 5 do not be surprised these potential moves come pre-JORC to try and nab a bargain before the full monster is revealed.

    Remember also this is a continuous 40,000 m program. After the 20,000 m program at Roche Dure pegmatite(initial JORC) the other 20,000 m program will begin at our largest pegmatite at Carriere De L'est, which one hole was already revealed a world record intercept of high grade starting at 1.9m!

    "from 1.9m-252.83m, an intercept of 250.93m, at 1.48% Li2O and 913ppm tin."

    Possible S.P. Scenarios

    More investors come on board with drill/assays/ metallurgy analysis. SP then rises to possibly 30's to 40's. Companies can wait no longer to secure their long term lithium supply....TO offers 65c/ 80c plus.

    I am being conservative because I think once the resource is fully understood there will potentially be a stampede/bidding war which could see AVZ go to a $1.00 plus TO!

    Of course the JV scenario can add more value, and once investors know we are definitely going mining there will be more certainty/de-risking, and therefore this green light will give the impetus for an acceleration by the Chinese and the DRC government, who also have a stake in AVZ, to get AVZ mining quickly(increasing speed of infrastructure and mining programs), to take advantage of lithium demand in the electric vehicle/energy storage revolution. It is to be remembered that Huayou who have a stake in us were able to get 5 cobalt/copper projects up and running in 12 months! AVZ could begin with a DSO operation for revenue flow and then later build a processing plant. The company in their presentation also had a timeline to have a mine commissioned and operational by 2019/2020!

    The SP during this time of JV/mine development could potentially be greater than any takeover price. I recall KDR in the exploratory phase being 30c-40c and then reaching as high as $2.34!

    All I can say right now in my opinion any potential investor is being lulled into a false sense of security if he thinks SP levels in the low 2o's will be here to stay!

    Ask yourself again, can you afford to stay out of AVZ, when you look at the SP in 2 to 3 months time???

    Today represents a great opportunity to enter AVZ before the true Monster of Manono bears its teeth and its true value is understood and revealed!

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