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    I think it is unproductive discussing tweets like these, especially deleted. It would do more harm than good. @Bugsam is a voice of reason in this discussion.

    Don't get me wrong, it is worth discussing potential suitors like CATL etc. and you can assume they would've looked at AVZ. Whether they've actually made an offer? That's something that should only be discussed if there is a market announcement, IMO. I've only been in AVZ forums since December but I've seen enough speculative postings based on hearsay to last me a lifetime. I follow fact-based posters, and ignore sensational downrampers AND certain uprampers. Both types of posts are just as bad, in fact I believe uprampers can do more damage as you could end up making poor investment allocations if you believe them, better to err on the side of caution.

    On judging a poster by post count, I do think post count is an indicator of posting quality. But just one indicator. More important is the actual content of the post, and possibly their sentiment and disclosure.
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