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    Seriously roller. You've completely lost the plot.
    Anyone engages with a few facts with you and you either bag them out as a shallow trader or demand they put you on ignore. PPP for mine.

    If you were on the Board of Qantas, and Al Joyce, already earning what most people think is way way too much for a pretty ordinary performing airline fronted up and said I want to triple my pay. You think you'd say, we need to pay him whatever he wants, so yes of course Alan?

    Nah, you'd go well what are other leaders compensated and how good a job are they doing, AND, what are we paying them to do now?
    Oh, we are paying him to run an airline. Yes, fly the plane through sky, fair or stormy. He is well compensated for that, why give him ridiculously more.
    Oh, but he might be less motivated. Really?

    We compensate AVZ management extremely well to do the job they are doing and to execute the plan. We dont need to give them extra freebies for doing what they've already signed up to do, fair or stormy. They will get a massive increase in wealth with what they have already if they perform. We dont need to pay them that again.

    I sign up for targets each year and I get rewarded if I succeed. Those goals are hard. Now these guys have already agreed to the roadmap they themselves set and the compensation they have to achieve that. They signed on for that already. The rewards are already baked in to the current plans. No reason to give them that again.

    If you were to consider their request, it would have to be much more tightly defined targets and commensurate with real achievements above and beyond, not just something they had to achieve as normal work anyway.

    The "just give them anything they demand" crowd here are plainly not thinking straight.
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