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You have every right to be upset about ‘complications’.But you...

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    You have every right to be upset about ‘complications’.

    But you would need to follow more closely for example, Dathomir has 15%, not 10%, to clarify Cominiere has 25%. Amazing how quick Congolese move when there is fear and favour, leading up to the election.

    Dathomir is not China railways or CRC. There’s some Chinese linking but also Congolese. Excising Dathomir from the project will be a huge relief to those with a public profile to maintain. Think Europeans who are always nervous about human rights and abuses around this. And note China was not on the list of funding sources in the operational update. It was quite a statement Yibin aka vampires CATL are resisted once again. Also note their charades via Tantalex has led to nada except resignations on the stock. When TTX Gagnon left, Yibin was being announced with AVZ Nov 2019.

    And AVZ keeps having to talk wait seek legal steps, find confidence in Felix Tshisekedi’s entourage whilst keeping back the old guard’s greed.

    What I deduce is, because it’s slow and careful (besides virus chaos) there’s no corruption taking place. Though a closer look at Serge Ngandu’s interest in drilling would be insightful. Possibly.

    In any case conspiracy theories from a unionist hotspot west of Melbourne have been knocked on the fragile skull that of Dathomir ganging up with Yibin. @JB1975 it hasn’t happened and that there is no mention of China CCP funding suggests how far they have receded from taking control.

    China is dead as a controlling stake maker in Manono. And it’s because Europe has awakened. The EBA, I think we can take their word for it that AVZ is a member, is one more sign where Offtake and possibly funding is happening.

    Has the big multinational Australians awoken?

    Rumours had it an Anglo American cooker chief was interested in a board role. Would he be the only one out there? The DFS is the golden step for AVZ competed.

    Now, are shareholders being used?

    Whilst I’ll admit there has been some rough patches that on closer examination should still make the BoD nervous, warts and all, I am certain Nigel is dead set keen on company making. Not the SDS. Of course business is business at the right price. But I gather Manono is not just a mine but a community being revived. And of course not everyone will be happy (I mean locals). But so far politically everything is going very well.

    Nigel does like shareholders. It’s life affirming and career making such a project.

    As many have witnessed from early 2017, This project needs to prove itself every step, “director’s guarantees” don’t work here.

    Moving Dathomir out will be a huge relief. Don’t ask me why

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