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TA is starting to align to FA - only explanation to the more...

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    TA is starting to align to FA - only explanation to the more steadier SP increase movements in my head last few weeks.

    The game changer here IMO was the Ann a few days ago talking about the construction camp been built and the fact they said the DFS was 95% complete. I think the tea leaves have been read that the transport solution has been found and this will be in mining in 2022.

    Time will tell but as long as the market has that opinion the re-rate of aligning TA to FA will continue. Some of the buys today IMO have the smell of instos entering but time will tell.

    The only problem with the SP growth LOL is we will get a new bunch of floggers 'ramping this' (read traders) or 'telling us everything that is wrong with this'.

    At the end of the day size/depth/resource grade is what counts - as I posted endlessly the minesite opex costs appear to be very very good - Post #: 42722097 and Post #: 42723186. It is all about transport - building a construction camp I think suggests AVZ is confident they have a transport option available that ensures a sound IRR comes about.

    I guess as charting is not something in my genes, I guess until the next FA event I'll just sit back drink VB and dream about buying one of these EVs in due course, and let everyone else follow the SP etc:


    Have a good weekend, especially those who have been around here for a while.

    All IMO
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