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mate I have 50 grand invested in wisr and been riding the waves...

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    mate I have 50 grand invested in wisr and been riding the waves and I doubled my capital but did not sell due to my vision and absolute confidence in the company and the board CEO there MOAT and sector there in.

    you haven’t ever followed me I always insist on warren buffets strategy to hold as price fluctuations are simply what dealing with stocks is.

    my reasons behind my posts is very simple
    someone or multiple people or groups out there are effing with the share price
    look at the massive volumes it has daily and she just sinks deeper.
    i never said the company is bad nor there product
    in fact totally opposite the future is and will be a all electronic cyber world EVs automation robotics fintech etc etc

    im talking about the fluctuation and down trends of the stock
    I bought at 8.8c and I sold at a loss as it becomes very obvious to me it’s a joke of a SP and this isn’t healthy for it long and short term.
    its all IMO

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