rumsfeld keeps calling them terrorists

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    When will they put this dumb dog down?

    US vows to rid Iraq of 'terrorists'

    The United States - faced with its heaviest losses in Iraq since Saddam Hussein's fall - has vowed that it will not back down in ridding Iraq of what it calls "terrorists".

    An attack on an American military transport helicopter killed 15 soldiers who were on their way out of the country for a short leave break.

    Three others were killed in separate attacks in other parts of Iraq.

    The American-appointed administrator Paul Bremer says while the security situation seems to be deteriorating by the day, he says conditions are not that bad.

    "We certainly still have enemies of democracy and freedom, both Iraqis and international terrorists, at large in this country and we have to defeat them, but most of this country is at peace."

    US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called it a tragic day for America.

    Mr Rumsfeld acknowledged it was the worst day for the US military in its six-month occupation of Iraq.

    "What it was is a bad day, a bad day, a tragic day for those people," Mr Rumsfeld said. "In a war, there are going to be days like that."

    But Mr Rumsfeld denies the situation In Iraq is deteriorating and says US troops will remain.

    Meanwhile, senior US Senators are calling for more American troops to be sent to Iraq to counter escalating violence.

    While the Pentagon has ruled out increasing troops levels, Senator Joe Biden of the Foreign Relations Committee says more troops and international help are needed now.

    "In the short term, we may need more American forces in there while we're training these people up and we have to be prepared to go back to our European friends and say 'we need more help, we are willing to give you more say'," he said.

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