OSH 0.00% $4.04 oil search limited

rumours due to start

  1. isa
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    now that osh gets near its true value no doubt all the people who own it at a higher price will come out with all the rumours about every oil company known to man looking at takeing over osh.

    Happens everytime as these people try to console themselves and get you to buy, happened with hdr and many others,

    come on guys don`t dissappoint me now hurry up start the takeover rumours to make yourselves feel better.

    OSH is a dog and will always be a dog, why: because of where it is and because of the ginormous amount of shares now on issue after the merger with OML.

    oSH got nothing of value from oml as the gold mines stopped because of the natives.

    Look forward to reading your rumours tomorrow
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Currently unlisted public company.

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