Rudd blast Morrison's 'epic fail'

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    Due to his focus on self-promotion, his gross incompetence, his work-avoidance and his unwavering commitment to $Feeding $Greed; Morrison has degenerated into an easy target for someone as politically astute as Kevin Rudd:

    " Australia’s vaccination rollout strategy has been an epic fail. Now Scott Morrison is trying to gaslight us "

    " Australians should be proud of their success in suppressing and eliminating coronavirus so far. This is largely due to the efforts of state governments – Labor and Liberal – in containing local outbreaks through a combination of mandatory quarantines, temporary lockdowns and effective contact tracing. And the Australian people themselves have played the biggest part by making this strategy of containment, and eventual elimination, work.
    The same cannot be said of the federal government’s vaccination strategy where they have politically trumpeted their success. The daily reality of the vaccination rollout strategy reveals a litany of policy and administrative failures.
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