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    Resource definition drilling continues to highlight significant near surface
    oxide gold and high grade supergene copper

    Resource materially improving both the
    understanding of the Project and the confidence in being able to move forward to a
    successful development.

    The definition of two high grade oxide mining products
    materially improves the economics of the Project and with limited need for upfront
    capital, potentially reduces future dilution from equity issues

    Scoping Met test work allows for - producing two
    high grade and clean products that will enable discussions with offtake parties to
    advance and create a highly competitive environment for negotiations.
    (Given the cash the already have and a potential off take here, cash is not a problem imo)
    Mabilo is still open and drilling continues. Looks like 4 holes in the lab for Mabilo now and 2 holes being drilled now.
    Bunawan has already drilled the 9 deep holes for 3000m of drilling and assays are due.
    They have a 1.5km gold trend, so these are just to test what might be there as it’s a big area.
    Resources remain open and drilling continues at Mabilo.
    This looks like the full DFS for the big mine is due around June and the Mabilo DSF mining license was lodged 3 months ago.
    These guys are really getting on with things and more news is due very soon on further met work.
    So far, this is exceeding the brokers expectations.
    Please dyor.
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