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rsl have a long way to go so go long for gains

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    Something to ponder................
    Uranium’s Future
    430 existing Nuclear power stations
    32 under construction
    74 permitted
    214 proposed
    World electricity demand to almost double between
    2007 and 2030*
    Nuclear power as electricity source to increase from 16%
    in 2007 to 41% over next 20 years*

    Uranium demand predicted to increase by 2.3 to 2.5
    times over the next 20 years*
    *(Dundee Securities August 2007)

    OK ,Therefore if it takes RSL 7-10 years to get to production following drilling programmes (3 years to obtain a JORC Indicated reserve)
    1-2 years for scoping study , Pre feasibility study followed by BFS ,
    obtaining mining approvals based on type of mining and impact on environmoent which can slow the process down....add 1-2 years of beaurcratic processes......and
    they will time it perfectly with the global market demand as more countries will turn to nucleur fuel to reduce global impact of gas emmitions ........CHEERS JAM
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