rr comments - rationale for holding gold stocks

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    I hold a number of gold stocks. I am reasonably confident that gold has a reasonable price future in front of it over the next few years, but given that the USD price is influenced by a diverse combination of currency movements, stock market movements, geopolitical events etc - as compared to base metals that have a good correlation to world industrial production, though current modest strength in Cu and Ni seems more to do with supply issues - its a bit of a wild guess what gold will do. However, it is worth remembering that the AUD price over gold over the last nine months (AUD550-600) is the highest for at least six-seven years, and its in AUD that Oz companies get paid in.

    Fundamentally, I hold selected gold stocks because of their medium term growth potential combined with reasonable prospect of good news flow over nearer term, not because I think gold is 'going to the moon' next week or next month. My larger holdings (BSG, HIG, RED) all have this. I have several smaller holdings that I just like to keep an eye on.

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