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Interesting that the RPS perth office are doing the reserve...

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    Interesting that the RPS perth office are doing the reserve reports. I had always assumed one of thier US offices would be doing it. I love the link between RPS and Rick.
    Tcf nailed it IMO with the comment

    "Rick De boer was employed by RPS before he moved to GDN. Rick may have been involved in the first GDN reserves calc. What made him move from RPS Energy to poor old tin pot GDN??? Fatal attraction? I don't think so."

    Definately one of the major reasons my money is sitting patiently waiting to see what unfolds. I am not necessarily suggesting anything underhanded. I just believe Rick would be fairly astute at doing his own research and calculations. It certainly gives me enough hope to stay put at this stage and I happily topped up on the lows of the past few weeks. It may be pie in the sky so DYOR but it looks plausible to me that these guys are confident for a reason.
    again good luck all
    B Rubes

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