VPE 0.00% 41.5¢ victoria petroleum nl

rpm 20 percent

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    Its hard to see RPM's 20% of Growler staying with QGC and now BG. VPE would seem to be in the box seat to pick up this 20% given that QGC own 20% of VPE.

    But overall, VPEs LT position is now a bit unclear. Does it have the large CSG reserves that would interest BG enough to take out VPE? Not so far. But still its a chance. dont forget VPE also owns 20% of the RPM csg that was bought by QGC.

    I'll take a stab and say that at some stage VPE will be given some cash for its CSG assets and sold RPM's Growler 20%. It then goes back to being a pure oiler.

    Right now its unclear what BG will do with VPE. that will inhibit sp until the strategy is revealed.
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