royal treatment in swaziland

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    ABC Online;
    A royal official has been accused of whipping the princess of Swaziland and her friends at a party ahead of an ancient ceremony where the King will chose a wife.

    The palace official is accused of whipping the King's daughter ahead of a festival where thousands of virgins will dance for the King so he can chose his next wife.

    Princess Sikhanyiso has told local press that she and her friends were whipped by the official when they would not turn down the music at a pre-festival party.

    The official has denied the claim.

    Today Swaziland's Reed Dance will be held where King Mswati III will chose his 13th wife.

    The King has been criticised for using the festival to choose wives and for encouraging polygamy and living a luxurious life in a country racked with AIDS and poverty.

    Dave R.
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