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rotacaps pre-qualified by who

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    WHO Prequalification Programme adds the below new Influenza product to its prequalified list

    IN008: Zanamivir - 5mg/dose - Inhalation powder - GlaxoSmithKline Ltd - UK

    The prequalification of this product (Relenza Rotacaps) is based on the authorization by the Medical Products Agency (MPA). As quoted from the MPA's regulatory approval letter (15 July 2009):

    The temporary authorisation for distribution of Relenza Rotacap/Rotahalar is valid, unless the Medical Products Agency decides otherwise, during the time the influenza A(H1N1) is classified as phase 4, 5 or 6 by WHO. The temporary authorisation will expire when the influence pandemic is downgraded to phase 3."

    In line with the temporary MPA authorization, the prequalification of IN008 will also be temporary.

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