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    thanks, dub, good article.
    Even that was predicted prior to the Iraq invasion. And it was predicted the moment the chimp announced "this is war!" straight after the destruction of the Towers.
    Everyone knows that in "time of crisis" governments of all persuasion drop their veneer of democratic values and are quite able to be themselves: fascist organisations, there to serve themselves, either by way of money, influence and power; and all this, of course, requires the solid backing of the military machine, which is, again, the very same beneficiaries of the swelling of blatant power.
    The little man, has a little life and one for which he must struggle all the way. He doesn't even get close to having any effect upon or present any danger to the chimps and birds of prey on the hill; and whatever they dish out to him he'll go along with because his daily struggle for survival saps him from any energy to think about it. In any case, he's been assured, by the likes of Oprah and Judge Judy that his government is doing the right thing, so there's no need for him to question anything. Eventually he'll be asked to send his sons and daughters to war and that might jolt him into reality for a short while but Oprah will come on TV again and he'll be again reassured -so will the sons and daughters, of this "little man."
    The middle class man, however, and his little saplings, will want to have nothing of war (particularly if he does have saplings) and he'll do the protest "thing." Guess who'll be across the other side, opposing him and waving flags and banners? That's right: the "little man!" After all, he's also the one who had served in other wars and he's got his tin "medals" to prove it. He "served his country," why, he even lost a parent or a son "serving his country," had one or two of his siblings suffer from Chemicals and such like. How dare these "posh bastards" be so "unpatriotic?"

    So, they, the "little men" give even more power to their "government" which consists of nothing more than sacked Enron-type managers!

    I'm entering 2005 with one hell of a lot of trepidation, not only for the countries embroiled in long and what seem endless wars, poverty, famine and blatant slavery but also for this country which is heading in the most predictable of all directions: the way to fascism.

    Thanks again for the article.
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