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    Here's Howard's latest tablet from the mount...Seems like more of the same economic engineering that has shifted income, power and resources from the public sector to the private sector, from the bottom 70% of wage and salery earners to the top 10%, from wage and salary earners to corporations, from small business to big business, from the bush to the city, from consumers to producers and from households to the market. Now of course Johnny wants us to become The 51st state as Geffa put it so aptly...

    CANBERRA, July 7 AAP - Prime Minister John Howard said today he
    remained determined to manage the Australian economy in a
    reformist, progressive manner.
    He said Australia's strong economic performance had ensured it
    had become a much respected market around the world.
    Mr Howard said the Australian economy had out-performed most
    countries over the past seven or eight years.
    "Australia is a stellar performer on the international stage and
    much of the deserved respect for Australia around the world now is
    a product of the economic strength that we have displayed over the
    past few years," he told the 2003 Australian Liberal Students'
    Federation convention at Parliament House.
    "The fall in unemployment, the continued high growth rates, the
    elimination of Budget deficits, the energetic economic reform in
    areas of industrial relations and taxation, a willingness to seek a
    free trade agreement with the most powerful country in the world -
    which if achieved will do more than any other single external thing
    to underwrite our economic future.
    "All of these things speak of a government which is determined
    always to be a reformist, progressive government in the management
    of our economy."

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