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    Well have i received a battering this evening lol, firstly i have only been on hotcopper from september this year, my main site the past few years was ozestock AVV board where if you read through my posts i made alot of people very happy with my recommendations, as ozestock has died down im now a regular on sharescene. (known as rogue trader not rogues tarde)

    You want me to back up facts on were ive got infomation that its possible results could be out as early as tomorrow and if not early next week, sorry i wont do that and have never had to, im not stupid enough to give out peoples names accross the boards. Ive seen alot of people say announcement comeing and there full of it, with myself if i get the info and I believe its genuine enough I pass it on so others can enjoy the possible ride, im pretty sure that sounds like crap but my track record is way more up then down, go to the avv board on ozestock and it should speak for itself.

    Someone mentioned I was reccomending RRS as a buy before they crashed down hard because of the kazakstan crap, that is correct I got caught in it to and have never denied that, the reason why I continued to reccommend it as a buy was the drop was ridicuous fell far to low and it was obvious it was an excellent buy especially with the success WSA has had all year, and the sp shows that back up to where i first reccomended it and should continue to rise if more positive news flows from forrestania drilling.

    Another big tip I gave this year was KAR on sharescene, while the stock looked boreing as hell, I was constantly on the board makeing people aware while it was sitting between .17-.20 have a look now sitting beautifully at .465, what you call ramping, I call it makeing traders aware of very good opertuneities before they take off, look at SML on the sharescene board I recommended it at .092 on 08/11/04 and did not get in myself but made others aware currently .165

    Main point is traders that know who I am, know that im genuine and my tips are fairly good overall, obviously I cant get them all right, know one can.

    Im sticking with my post that said its posible results are out tomorrow or early next week, if its not out all i can say is sorry and I was misinformed, I will continue to hold RRS without hesitation at these levels as ive done for the past 12 months, with a drilling program of 18 holes at forrestania and the first hole showing possible nickel sulphide mineralisation things are looking very good for RRS over january.

    SPeculative buy = results come through good at forrestania ex pect .10+, if results come through bad expect back to the .02 level, not a bad risk if you ask me.

    Good Night & Happy New Year
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