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    Hi Butcherano .
    Its me Hooter or I am I you ???? or are we the same person ??? If so I am talking to myself again !!! ( makes a change from playing with myself ## )

    Yes I agree trading halt monday seems about right . The time delay in west australia should give us time monday morning to see what the tea ladies are doing $$$ but I think last hour of trade tomorrow will be interesting !

    I am suprised there hasnt been much volitilty in the share price this time compared to Ching 1 and Courbine I think woodside are running a tight ship . All tea ladies were strip searched for mobile phone devices before boarding the Deep Water Discovery.

    Sailor girl may be our only help !! hope she is tacking around the boy,s in Mauritania right now ??? or is that bouy,s ??? anyway things should start to get interesting very soon.

    Cheers Hooter $$$
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