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Robin Hood and his band of theives

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    To the shareholders blaming themselves for this theft, its not your fault ...we all know there is risk, but we cannot allow for lies, false reports and grand larceny. I know it doesn't bring the money back, but at least you can stop blaming yourselves.

    These guys are clever, but they have no moral compass and they are not clever enough to realise that they will eventually be exposed by their own lies and actions and yes I look forward to that day.

    I have been reviewing the variety of lies and malicious rumours that I have had to defend myself (apparently I'm an alcoholic) against over the last few years, and it would be comical if it wasn't so serious (everyone of them proven BS). It demonstrates to me that we are dealing with a special breed of people who don't care about honesty and have zero integrity ...it explains how they could conspire to steal a company and follow the planning thorough over years. My guess is that there will be criminal charges laid eventually, and they may not think they are so clever.

    Robin Hood and Bill and Ben and the rest of the family will be so proud.

    Some hangers-on also went to the dark side to gain from misery, and they try to justify their actions to others ...but more importantly their own conscience.

    Well done to posters like WB and others continuing to call it out.

    Apparently we have just received some positive news in the latest bulletin from the class-action lawyers, so don't give up.

    Sayonara holders,

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