MCO 0.00% 11.0¢ morning star gold n.l.


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    Robertkna wrote:

    I am more inclined to think that MCO's share price will follow SLR, or are you expecting that SLR's share price will tumble to about 60c in line with your position that is not bullish on goldies

    incidentally, I cannot see the logic of having SLR "free carried" when there is likely to be better value elsewhere"

    I feel SLR will maintain its share price as its opertaing costs will track down with increased throughput so even if gold prices drop to around $US 900 oz, it will maintian a good profit margin
    However although geologicly the ore body of MCO may be more similar to SLRs than HEGs why are people comparing MCO with SLR wouldnt it be more appropriate to compare MCO with HEG as both are following a similar pattern of development.
    HEG has had to go back to th market for placements for CAPEX and an inability to break even, despite having a high grade ore body I feel MCO will need to do the same in future (incline needed) and the oppies effectively cause dilution.
    Look what happened to SLR when it had the placement made for increased drilling it hurt the sp.

    "Whats The logic of having SLR free carried when there is better valud elesewhere?"
    Good point by you, my problem is in the past I have sold out of companies I have doen well from and then enviously watched as the sp sky rockets ie EXT sold out at 6 cents now something like $8.00 Anvil sold out at 14 cents now several dollars, MGX sold out in the high 20s now over $1.00.
    With SLR I would also say most punters still underestimate managements ability ie they picked up a ball mill for something like $150K thats dirt cheap in gaining extra production of guessing an extra 20k ounces per annum

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