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    Imugene Receptor Mimic Technology Patent Granted in United States Key Receptor Mimic Patent granted in the most important international market 17 January 2005, Sydney: Imugene (ASX: IMU) has been granted patent protection for its Receptor Mimic Technology (RMT) in the United States through to 2020. The RMT is the platform for existing and new Imugene products for pigs, poultry and cattle, including one of the Company’s lead products to prevent E. coli post weaning diarrhoea in pigs. Receptor mimic products act as an extremely efficient biological ‘sponge’, binding toxins or disease causing organisms and harmlessly carrying them out of the body. Unlike new or existing antibiotics or antimicrobials, there is no potential for food residues, no chance of resistance developing and the products are safe for widespread use in all mammalian species. The RMT also has many applications in human medicine and Imugene holds an equity interest in BioMimic, the company with the commercial rights to develop RMT products for the human market. Imugene Managing Director, Dr Warwick Lamb commented, “The granting of this key patent is very significant because the United States is the highest value market for our products. This patent grant covers RMT use in both animals and humans. The RMT E. coli preventative for pigs is currently undergoing clinical trials. Post weaning diarrhoea caused by E. coli is one of the most economically damaging bacterial diseases in pig production. The market for E. coli disease preventative treatments in pigs is estimated to be over US$450 million per annum. We anticipate expanding the E. coli product for use in poultry and possibly cattle. The patent has previously been granted in Australia and New Zealand. END ABN: 99 009 179 551
    Level 1, 14 – 20 Delhi Road, North Ryde NSW 2113
    PO Box 307, North Ryde NSW 1870
    Tel: +61 2 9870 7330 Fax: +61 2 9888 9338
    More information: Dr Warwick Lamb, Mr Graham Dowland, Imugene's Managing Director Imugene's Executive Chairman +61 2 9870 7330 +61 8 9322 9189 Mr Rudi Michelson Monsoon Communications +61 3 9620 3333 ABOUT IMUGENE: Imugene specialises in commercialising animal health products for production animals including pigs, poultry and cattle. Imugene's products safely prevent disease and reduce or eliminate antibiotics and harmful chemicals in animals. Animal antibiotics and chemicals in the human food chain have been linked to the emergence of dangerous resistant bacteria in people and food residues. Imugene owns the worldwide rights to two platform technologies. The Receptor Mimic Technology for gastrointestinal diseases of pigs and potentially all other animal species. Secondly, the Adenoviral Vector Delivery System for pigs and poultry delivers Imugene’s highly effective poultry productivity enhancer. Imugene's poultry and pig portfolio is targeting a worldwide US$3 billion annual market and replace existing chemical and antibiotic products. Consumer demands for residue free food and health regulatory pressures will bolster Imugene's prospects. Visit the Imugene Website: ABN: 99 009 179 551
    Level 1, 14 – 20 Delhi Road, North Ryde NSW 2113
    PO Box 307, North Ryde NSW 1870
    Tel: +61 2 9870 7330 Fax: +61 2 9888 9338
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