rivkin's actual returns - from report 13/01/03

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    There have been some wide discrepancies in what people on HC claim Rivkin has made or lost in his report. Here are the figures from last nights report. I believe A.S.I.C audit the figures so I assume they are correct.

    Rivkin Report 13/01/03

    "This year, I am very confident that I can find event driven opportunities and improve on what was a very difficult market in 2002.

    Whilst last year was not my most successful in terms of returns, my recommendations did manage to easily outperform the indices. My realised recommendations returned an average of 5.4% for calendar year 2002, and my unrealised trades were up 1% as at December 31st 2002. Furthermore, realised trades were held on average for 3 months, resulting in an approximate average annualised return of 20%. The S&P/ASX 200, on the other hand, fell by some 12.1% in 2002, and the median return from Australia’s biggest superannuation fund managers was –7.3% for the year."

    Whether you like or dispise Rivkin you can't argue with the figures as A.S.I.C has checked them and they are a great deal better than most fund managers did in 2002. Although 2002 wasn't one of his better years I made more than enough from his report to keep me happy and I will be renewing my subscription despite the criticism of the man.
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