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    Does any one know this stock that rene mentions?? cheers

    Have you got only $6000 or less to invest in the stock market?
    With a limited amount such as this, it can be tough getting a start
    and growing your capital. This is why Rene has just written a
    one-page report, in which he recommends one stock that he feels
    can grow your $6000 by a substantial percentage.

    Rene's view is that in order to make this sum of money grow
    substantially, you have to be willing to lose it all, without it affecting
    your lifestyle. Rene has come up with a stock that he thinks fits
    the bill, with a high upside potential and a low downside potential.
    This stock has the potential to make a quantum leap, growing your
    $6000 substantially and getting you well on your way to a wealth
    accumulation program. Please be aware that there is always a risk
    attached to this kind of investment, and only those who are able
    to handle the downside risk should participate.

    If you are interested in purchasing this one-off $50 report, please
    phone 1800 0333 44 during business hours (EST).

    Good investing,
    The Rene Rivkin Report

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