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rivkin - gone too far

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    Whether we like it or not the truth behind the entire Rivkin saga is that it has now gone beynod the pale of joke.

    Yes Rene Rivkin did something which carries with it a penalty and in his case the penalty of incaceration was applied. He appealed and applied pressure on the authorities to release him from his obligations in Silverwater not because of anything else but the fact these avenues of appeal and the grounds he offered in his defence are available. To that extent I believe he is deserving of a fairer go than whats become of the entire saga. He courts publicity but that is no death warrant.

    I have been very critical of this man I admit it. And sometimes painfully so because I know of people who lost money perhaps on his account and also for th fact that I dislike market manipulators with a passion.

    Having said all of that let me now continue with why I believe the courts and the media should let go. In order for the rule of law to prevail, it has to be applied fairly to all and sundry. It is not the case here.

    The severity of his sentence, I say severity because it is disproportionate and unnecessarily humiliating and potentially dangerous for a man of his age size and pre disposition to a heart attack. Thats a fact. Rivkin unlike Chopper Reid is not harmful to the public and the alternatives to jail are many but for the need for blood from some quarters and this has been a highly political salp.

    Yes he courted trouble no doubt. But is his offence really worse than that of Sir Andrew Grimwade? or is it possible that Rivkins absence from select night gatherings at the Melbourne Club (here he is never giong to be welcome) or the other closed groupings that decide much of our collective fates behind closed doors is a reason for his exclusion from the softly softly approach from the bench?

    The doyens of Collins Street and their hallowed chambers of public money appear to have always got away Scott free (as opposed to Cohen or Rivkin free) for far too long. Sure punish Rivkin but do so only if you are prepared to also Punish those who drained billions from AMP, NAB, the ANZ, the Commonwealth, Westpac, The State Revenue Office in Victoria (lawyers who took over $18 million in stamp duty money to gamble are still walking free and living like kings two years on).

    Theres the Phoenix saga, BHP in Viet Nam (Dai Hung and Beswick, Utah Mining) billions of dollars in Public money, Pyramid buildig Society, The State bank of Victoria, the then treasurer Rob Jolly, all of the other leaches who sucked it dry, the State Bank of South Australia and Dr. Tim Marcus Clarke Phd (Harvard), the Duke group and the Fraud against that group and its shareholders by the Liquidator and Hambros Bank,and many many more.

    If you take a long hard look at many of our resources companies and look at the reckless and deliberate way in which they valued (over and optimistic) their assets and reserves of their minerals and then observe their performance and revaluation based on true reserves down the track once much of the money is spent, you will realise that like Michael Milken this Chutzpatic man did nothing more than walk around naken like the king claiming he too had brand new clothes.

    It is simply a reminder of our failure (I mean as a state and a community) that we have to carelessley scape goat someone on the basis of something which does not in any way resemble reason or merit any longer.

    Let the man go. He has paid enough for what what nothing more than a Faux Pas. he farterd at dinner thats what it equates with for gods sake.

    If Rivkin goes to jail, then regardless of the outcomes tome personally now that I am out of this place for a while, I will name names and identify serial breachers of the corporations code and milk all the inside information I have and break scandals like you've never seen or heard of before.

    Trust me, not only will David Knott resign or quit faster than you could say jack Robinson, this government will also have a lot of problems trying to fix the economy.

    Yes I am angry and I do have haemerroids!!

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