rivkin fessed up to denton

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    Rivkin put his giant feet in with Andrew Denton tonight. He spent all his time denying guilt and being as arrogant as only Rivkin can but he let the truth slip.

    What did he say you ask? well his version of events was that McGowan only told him that he was working on a deal with Qantas (not that he was selling Impulse to Qantas) and that he was waiting for regulatory approval (I think he actually said TPC).....Then the blooper, Rivkin said "I don't think you will get it". How could Rivkin give an opinion if he didn't know what the appproval was being sought for?? And as Rivkin was at pains to say tonight (many times) that he is not into guessing or hypothesising.......ergo he new darned well that McGowan was selling to Qantas as he had been told.

    No point in appealing Rene, you're gone.
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