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    Below are the mining companies presenting next week at RIU...will these presentations move their SP? Who knows...but keep an eye out for their presos to appear on their websites.


    Day 1 - Tuesday, February 22, 2005

    8:30am Official opening Simon Hadfield CEO, Resource Information Unit
    8:35am Jackson Gold NL Andy Viner Managing Director
    8:55am Jubilee Mines NL Peter Langworthy General Manager - Exploration
    9:15am Consolidated Minerals Ltd Michael Kiernan Managing Director
    9:40am Cazaly Resources Ltd Clive Jones Managing Director
    10:00am Troy Resources NL John Jones Executive Chairman
    11:00am Reed Resources Ltd David Reed Chairman
    11:20am Independence Group NL Chris Bronwick Managing Director
    11:45am Bluestone Tin Ltd Peter Cunningham Director & Chief Executive Officer
    12:05pm Breakaway Resources Ltd Michael Mulroney Managing Director
    1:30pm Titan Resources NL Jeff Gresham Managing Director
    1:55pm Universal Resources Limited Peter Ingram Chairman & Managing Director
    2:15pm Vulcan Resources Ltd Alistair Cowden Chairman
    2:35pm Herald Resources Ltd Michael Wright Executive Director
    2:55pm Prosperity Resources Ltd Ric Dawson Managing Director
    3:50pm Nickel Austalia Ltd Tony Rovira Managing Director
    4:10pm Navigator Resources Ltd Tom Sanders Managing Director
    4:35pm Midas Resources Ltd Geoff Balfe Managing Director
    4:55pm Fortescue Metals Group Ltd Andrew Forrest Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    Day 2- Wednesday, February 23, 2005

    8:35am Union Resources Ltd Rob Murdoch Managing Director
    8:55am A1 Minerals Ltd John Williams Managing Director
    9:15am AusQuest Ltd Graeme Drew Managing Director
    9:35am Alliance Resources Ltd Steve Johnston General Manager
    9:55am Mincor Resources NL David Moore Managing Director
    11:00am Western Areas NL Juliana Hanna Managing Director
    11:20am Ashburton Minerals Ltd Tom Dukovcic Managing Director
    11:45am Gunson Resources Ltd David Harley Managing Director
    12:05pm Dioro Exploration NL Rhoderick Grivas Director

    1:30pm Anvil Mining Ltd William (Bill) Turner President & Chief Executive Officer
    1:55pm LionOre Australia Pty Ltd Mark Bennett Exploration Manager
    2:15pm Sally Malay Mining Ltd Peter Harold Managing Director
    2:35pm Australian Mines Ltd Barry Cahill Managing Director
    2:55pm Geoinformatics Exploration Ltd Darren Holden Director - Geoscience Services
    3:50pm Tritton Resources NL Ian Culbert & Michael McMullin Managing Director & Technical Director
    4:10pm Gleneagle Gold Ltd Ian Prentice Managing Director
    4:30pm Aztec Resources Ltd Ian Burston Chairman
    4:55pm Croesus Mining Ltd Michael Ivey Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

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