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    Quarterly Activities Reportfor the Quarter ending March 31,
    2019 Fully funded to Final Investment Decision following the completion of $15m capital raising for the Manono Lithium and Tin Project

    Then on the Quarterly Activities Report for the Quarter ending 31 December 2019 Announced 31/01/2020

    Cash and cash equivalents at end of period 2,164,000
    So the $15m didn’t get them to the DFS. Lucky Yibin knocked on the door!

    JasmineTea it is interesting you note that Dathomir is silent. Dathomir have gone from providing the Hydro and roads to where are they? Did Nigel lose them?
    Here is an extract of the quarterly report.
    Substantial Shareholder Clarification On 10 July 2017, Dathomir Mining Resources SARL (“Dathomir”) lodged a Notice of Initial Substantial Holder with the Company. Based on the recent Investor Tracking Report conducted by First Advisors, it is the opinion of the Company that Dathomir is no longer a substantial shareholder in AVZ Minerals Limited. The Company has contacted Dathomir on numerous occasions, advising them of their obligation to submit the relevant notices but without success.

    So Nigel has no idea where Dathomir went? You expect people to believe that? Perhaps the posters here can clarify the issue as Nigel has no idea?
    It would seem Dathomir are not too keen to deal with Nifty Nige and who could blame them after Captain Klaus. But then again where is Huayou...or BNBT… or Airguide. Who is next? Yibin?
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