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Risk and reward for LYC .

  1. 5,436 Posts.
    I like to see the personal attacks, insults , attempts to belittle others stopped.
    This can only be done with the help of HC. One rule for all.
    Who should be moderated the one who baits others or the one who takes the bait and react and respond accordingly.

    Risk and reward for LYNAS is more important.

    For the sake of the exercise can we divide this thread into two parts.

    The POSITIVE views on one side and, the NEGATIVE views on opposite side.
    Everyone get opportunity to have the say,WITHOUT attacking the opposite POV .

    Readers want to see facts on both sides before deciding what to do ,whether to Buy/hold/or sell.
    That is fair game.

    IMO, Readers don t want to see Debating skills, the use of the language, grammar , or the skill to bait others and then report TOU when one is losing. That is for the weak.
    Insults should stop .Calling names should stop.

    What are the risk for LYNAS to survive in the Short /Medium /long term. ?

    This should be simple for those with accounts skills .

    The income on one side against the expenditure on the other side. The result will give you the answer.

    The pos posters can talk about what to expect in 2015. Substantiate with fact evidence.

    The Negative can talk about the COP , productivity, sale price of the product .Substantiate with facts.

    Start the post with the POS= Rewards ,,,NEG = Risks ,,,,,,Disagree = when you feel it is not correct.

    Cut out LOL, Funny bits. Get to the point.

    Holding a share over a period of time is costly when same money can be invested elsewhere. As such, The POS should tell us how fast/soon they expect the SP to rise.
    The NEG tell us their POV .
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