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Rio Tinto CEO Sees Stable Iron Ore Supply, Demand in 2015

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    I remember reading something which stuck with me it was about the Glencore chief and he said he was not interested in any of BHP's nickel assets which they might be looking to offload because he did not see them as distressed assets. Distressed in my mind is running out of money, lock the gate on the way out, there is some serious S"t going down. Well business is business and it can be downright ruthless and immoral at times, at least to you and me. But is that how they view SDL? Are they waiting like vultures near a sick buffalo. When they make a takeover offer they can say well " the average stock price over the last year was 2.6 cents so we will offer one jelly bean per share which will be fair. SDL in my mind is not distressed yet but may soon be if things don't turn around.
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