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rimmy, have you noticed ...

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    Hey Rimmy

    So it is now 12 November and ...

    1. Quiktrak's pathetic website STILL says their phones are unattended 'til 3 Nov but it is now 12 Nov. Another promise broken??? Another deadline missed??? The website does not even give an update as to the progress of their network re-connection!!! And considering Pallister is supposed to be "running" a website development company (Zoogle Interactive) he should have no problem getting such website updates done. Such updates could be done in minutes.

    2. What has happened to their ASX re-listing or any news whatsoever that this is about to happen? It was you who said this would happen.

    3. Up until a few days ago the new phone number diverted to a voice message (left by Mark Wilson). Now the new phone number is DISCONNECTED.

    4. At what point are you going to be man enough to say you were wrong about this dog of a company?

    Or are you going to use your lame excuse that you are boycotting this forum to avoid further scrutiny of your claims which have as yet not materialised?
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