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    Both sides of the middle east conflict are turning more and more towards the Right. And don't those old two-faced hypocrites take advantage of the other side's attrocities.

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    Gunman kills two, including baby girl, in West Bank settlement

    By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and Agencies

    Two Israelis, including a baby girl, were killed
    and two others lightly wounded Friday night by a
    Palestinian gunman who infiltrated the West Bank
    settlement of Negohot, southwest of Hebron.

    "To our regret, we have two
    killed and two more slightly
    wounded," said Dror Richter,
    spokesman for Magen David

    The gunman infiltrated the
    isolated settlement around 9:30
    P.M., through a part that was
    not fenced. Armed with an M-16

    assault rifle, he knocked on the door of one of
    the homes. A 30 year-old man who was visiting
    at the house opened the door and was critically
    wounded by the gunman. He died a short time

    The owner of the house and a soldier opened fire
    at the gunman, who tried to escape and while
    fleeing fired a number of rounds at the house,
    one of which hit and critically wounded a
    seven-month-old baby who also died a short
    while later.

    An army reserve unit that rushed to the scene
    killed the gunman.

    The wounded - the girl's father and a woman -
    were taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.

    Israel Defense Forces troops and settlers killed
    the terrorist. Although the army believed that
    a lone gunman was behind the attack, security
    forces were searching the area for any other
    terrorists after reports were received of a
    second gunman fleeing the scene.

    In March this year, two Palestinians tried to
    infiltrate the settlement but were killed by
    the IDF before managing to carry out an attack.
    A general alert was announced and soldiers
    backed by a local emergency response squad
    attacked the two Palestinians and killed them.
    They were found to be carrying assault rifles
    and grenades, while one had an explosive belt.
    Presumably they planned to carry out a suicide
    bombing. No Israeli injuries were reported.

    The previous attack had taken place a short
    while after two other Palestinian terrorists
    dressed as religious Jews entered the West Bank
    settlement of Kiryat Arba, shot a couple
    walking by the security fence and then killed a
    married couple in their home before being
    killed by IDF soldiers. Security sources
    believed that the two attacks had been
    coordinated to be simultaneous.

    Hamas had claimed responsibility for both

    Friday's attack came as Jews in Israel were
    celebrating the first night of Rosh Hashanah -
    the Jewish New Year - which began at sundown
    Friday and lasts until Sunday evening.

    "The Palestinians have started the Jewish New
    Year with another bloody terrorist attack,"
    said David Baker, an official in the Prime
    Minister's Office. "It's obvious that they've
    taken a New Year's resolution to continue with
    their trail of terror against Israel. The
    Palestinian Authority still refuses to take the
    necessary steps to rein in the terror and
    prevent such attacks from happening."

    "This shows again the ugly face of Palestinian
    terrorists," said Jonathan Peled, an Israeli
    Foreign Ministry spokesman.

    "It shows they are totally oblivious to the
    sanctity of life, the sanctity of religion.
    This is a barbaric act which raises a question
    about whether we have a partner on the other
    side," he added.

    Late Thursday, a full closure was imposed on the
    West Bank and Gaza Strip, ahead of the holiday.

    The closure has been put in place due to fears
    that Palestinian militants plan to carry out an
    attack during the holiday. Palestinians will,
    however, be allowed to enter Israel for
    humanitarian reasons.

    Access to Friday prayers on the Temple Mount was
    limited to Palestinians aged 40 and older and
    those who carry Israeli identity cards. Some
    15,000 attended and there were no incidents.

    Police chief Shlomo Aharonishki told Israel
    Radio on Friday morning that large numbers of
    police reinforcements had been deployed
    throughout the country ahead of the holiday.

    Police numbers have also been bolstered in
    cities along the Green Line, and Border Police
    units are on high alert along the divide
    between Israel and the West Bank.

    Aharonishki said that the areas to which police
    officers had been deployed were given careful
    consideration, and were based not only on
    specific warnings, but also a more general

    IDF troops operating in the West Bank city of
    Ramallah arrested 25 Hamas activists overnight
    Thursday, Israel Radio reported.

    Hours earlier, Palestinian gunmen fired shots
    near homes in the Psagot settlement close to
    Ramallah, Israel Radio said. There were no

    In the Gaza Strip late Thursday, Palestinians
    fired at IDF troops near Atzmona in the Gush
    Katif settlement bloc, and troops returned
    fire. Palestinian gunmen also fired two
    anti-tank missiles at IDF troops near the Gadid
    settlement in southern Gaza. There were no
    injuries in either incident, the Itim news
    agency reported.

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