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    normally when traders are playing the stock they buy and put a sell straight back on.

    The buy sell depth have gone from 1.5 mill to buy and 4.5 mill to sell and swung right around the other way.

    Now when the rights issue stock was allocated there was a bit of selling, from 5.6 down to under 5, now it appears that stock is gone, so it has moved back up to pre selling level.

    Now the question is will it be pushed to higher levels,

    certainly interest should ramp up as we get closer to PEL 105 drilling, we see most stocks rise close to drilling, it's always a question how long the stock remains at low prices in the lead up.

    It has risen over the last couple of days but on low vol, a high vol day could happen at any time, if so that will push price well up.

    I always look at buy/ sell depth, heads and ops.
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