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rig and farm-in news on monday??

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    Just looking at the KIK announement and think we will have an announcement on Monday...

    Bad news PM today (quarterly with ~38 million hit for Tindalo) and why waste good news on a Friday...

    KIK say that all conditions satisfied and waiting on DOE approval for the farm-in, KIK's placement is conditional on the farm-in and KIK's ability to sign for the rig dependent on the placement and RI... so it is all coming together.

    Will be interesting to read any narritive around the Tindalo write off - I think NDO would be brave to state conclusively that it was a reservoir issue (there were certainly a lot of well contruction issues).

    Fingers crossed that news of the farm-in and a name of and date for the rig will give NDO a boost next week.

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