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riding the tiger.....

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    when sentiment rules, you see what you're seeing now....

    but my feeling is that it's not sentiment alone but a combination of fundamentals also at this point.....

    I didn't really think last night that MAK would stop for a breather today - far too much momentum, and it still has it - the reason is simple - if MAK achieves its goal of becoming a phosphate producer (there are a few hurdles yet of course) - then current prices are a gift....

    I've seen DBK's NPV summaries which project MAK prices anywhere from $7 to $18 - now you can get any figure you like from such projections, it simply depends on what numbers you plug into your spreadsheet - but whichever way you look at it, there's no scenario I can see which values MAK at less than the lower figure of $7 if it achieves its goals.....

    MAK's in the right place at the right time with the right assets in hand - what's not to like?

    still, the market's a funny place - and you often get sideswiped from left field - so keep your eyes peeled and remember while you're riding the tiger you're safe.... it's getting on and off where the danger lies....

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